I must say that I have had nothing but excellent experiences with Greg.  I have used G&L Carpet and Tile for carpet for several years.  I replace my carpet every 3 or 4 years or so with my changing taste and I have always had the best experiences with them. A few years ago my house was flooded due to faulty plumbing and I asked to change my wood floors, re-carpet & install new backsplash.  I received the best service.  So much personal attention was given to every detail of my project and I was so happy with the quality of the installation and the products he has offered and also how beautiful everything looked in my home. I was so happy with Greg and his son.  They did all of the tile in my master bath remodel early last year before I sold my home. Once I purchased a new home, even though it was brand new construction, I insisted with the builder that G&L provide the floors. They have my business & I would recommend them to everybody!
Kim B
Last year, based on a friends' recommendation, we had G&L replace our rug and linoleum downstairs with Daltile's Continental Slate tile. He suggested a pattern for the floor and border to help "section" our dining room from kitchen from bathroom, from entryway..". Our friends are impressed with both the pattern choice and the border as well as the tile. He also re-did the baseboards.
We wanted the upstairs to be tiled as well, but our floor structure couldn't handle the heavy tiles so he did the guest bathroom and a bit in the master bathroom. We'll finish at a later date with flooring.
My main suggestions would be to schedule well in advance. We planned a month in advance which turned out good because he was busy. He finished within a few days and worked out the laying of the tile so it wouldn't inconvenience us too much, although he suggests finding a place to stay for a day or two while the tiles set.
All in all, I'm impressed enough with his tile workmanship to recommend him to our friends and family.
Azucena O

I have hired Greg on several occasions and I have recommended him to several people I work with.
Myself and the people I have recommended Greg to, have had positive results.
Greg stands behind his work. He is quick, on time and he will go back and be sure all the work is satisfactory.
Greg has smart creative ideas that make the flooring and or counter tops and back splash look classic and stylish.
Greg brings his expertise from years of experience in working on Million dollar plus projects.
Greg keeps his overhead low and he passes the savings onto the consumer.
Recently one of my clients had a bad experience with a competing flooring company
(The competing flooring company riped the client off for $6,500)
Greg cleaned up the disaster. The client was very pleased with the work Greg performed.
Thank you Greg for help me with my business.”   
Marian D
Carpet and Tile, Inc.
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